AVS DVD Copy 4.1

Make backups of your own authored CDs and DVDs


  • Simple
  • Lightweight


  • Can't backup copy protected DVDs

Not bad

AVS DVD Copy is a very basic tool, with the minimum options and abilities necessary to simply copy a DVD or CD.

This program does not allow you to escape copyright-protection. It is designed for copying personally authored DVDs. The program does however direct you to websites where free decryption software is available, although this may breach copyright laws and user discretion is advised.

The tool itself is quite neat - you can choose to copy the entire DVD, or leave menus and extras, just keeping the main content. There is nothing more to it, it's simply for copying! While it's a simple and easy to use DVD copier, it's really only useful for copying DVDs that you have made yourself. As you can't copy protected material, it's no use for making backups of your DVD collection. It is also compatible with Blu Ray discs, although the copy protection still applies, so it's hard to see how useful that is.

AVS DVD Copy is a super easy way to copy DVDs, but it won't allow you to back up any protected material

User reviews about AVS DVD Copy

  • by Anonymous

    at first I loved it.
    I already paid for this program and it stopped working for me and I don't know why I am goi...   More